Mo Shanshan had red and thin lips which looked like a young girl's rouge paper. Her long eyelashes frosted up, trembling in the wind. After she put her glasses on, the frost gradually melt

Chapter 2129 – Sheng Mei’s Conditions … … … Sheng Mei expressionlessly said, “I can hold the grand dual cultivation ceremony with you, but after our marriage then we will be river water and well water, not interfering with each other. I will not manage your

Chapter 2130 - Doubt … … … “The Book of Eon! You actually have the Book of Eon!!” Deep Epoch swept his eyes over Lin Ming and towards Elder Eon God. At this time, Eon God had a complicated expression on his face but he clearly wasn’t surprised by the sudd

Liu Zhongtian was bored. He thought of the Great Han battlefield, where he spent the days fighting alongside Wei Qiqi. The Great Han army rushed forth in the midst of the yellow desert. The Xiongnu calvary suffered a huge defeat.     They led the troops to burn down the Xiongnu base

The Emperor was here? Xiaoyuzi’s shout caused the whole training ground to descend into chaos. The soldiers who were lying flat on the floor all climbed up clumsily. The servants also stopped what they were doing and frantically knelt on the ground. Wei Qiqi looked left and right and copied th

Chapter 370 Terrible Monster And inside this room, there was still so much delicious food. The more the Purple Abyss Vine thought about it, the more incomparably happy it felt. Master was really a good person, ah! In the blink of an eye, the people who were just talking turned into mummies w

The Abbey Dean looked at the snowy traces on the street and frowned. A chilly breeze blew away the snow covering the traces, revealing them clearly. They were transparent and shapeless, sharp

"Cough cough..." In the early morning, on the third floor of Da Feng Fruit Co., Zhao Yu's cough was suddenly heard. To Jiang Dafe

Chapter 696: Resolved Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations It didn’t take more than three days before the news of You ZhenTian’s death traveled it’s way across the TongTian Continent.  There was a lot of whom paid close attention to the South Continent&rs

Chapter 695: It’s Over? Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations The battle was coming to a close. The experts of the Vermillion Blood Clan and Silver Dragon Clan were mostly dead or injured, while a good half of the Cang Alliance’s people were completely unharmed. Compa

Chapter 323 Mysterious Tomb “Little fellow, are you sure you aren’t duping me? This is the treasure?” Long Chen looked at the huge cave entrance in front of them suspiciously. This cave was emitting an extremely sinister air. “Yes, I’m sure. I feel like there’s

Chapter 324 Not Distinguishing Right and Wrong Blood splattered. Guo Ran jumped in fright and immediately took out the cylinder he had just put away. He saw that at some unknown time, a spear had appeared in Long Chen’s hands. The end of that spear had firmly stabbed into a man’s stom

Chapter 325 Shocking Both Paths “Long Chen, you perverted traitor, now that death has arrived for you, you actually have the heart to look at murals? If you’re smart, you’ll hurry up and kill yourself right now!” That voice came from a powerful Favored. He looked extremely

Chapter 326 Terrifying Mechanisms “Boss, I feel like there’s an extremely large opportunity for me in this ancient tomb.” “How do you know?” Long Chen was a bit flabbergasted. “Look boss, on these murals, the leading role is mostly this elder creating something

Chapter 327 Courting Death “Stop crapping all over the place. This isn’t the latrine. Let your grandpa Guo show you what a heaven-startling method is.” Guo Ran’s arrogant words immediately drew everyone’s attention. Guo Ran and Long Chen both went to the passageway. T

Chapter 328 Play You All to Death Guo Ran’s smile practically glowed as he took out an iron bead. He randomly tossed it into the passageway. A miserable scream rang out. That fellow had only gotten halfway down when Guo Ran’s bead struck the wall. Countless pikes had instantly pierced

Roan and the pursuit troop stayed in the Hartford Castle.  He first opened up the treasury and looked after the castle’s residents who suffered from Kallum Rinse, Lukan Diez, and the KaLu Allied Army and the nearby area’s citizens.  Together with that, he did not spare expense

“Huff. Huff. Huff.” Rough breaths filled up to the tip of his tongue. Kallum Rinse looked around himself with a bleached face. The number of countless nobles, commanders, knights, and soldiers that followed his sides had now decreased enough to be counted.  At least, the good thing

“Wu!” Su Ke whimpered as his body stiffened, unable to move even half a step forward. His eyes were wide open as he stared at Li Fei Fei’s nearing face before feeling the sudden kiss. His mind suddenly went blank as he felt the soft situation on his lips. It felt like an electri

Li Fei Fei whispered under her breath as she emerged from school, “Hey! D*mn Su Ke, you pissed me off!” Su Ke had cut a sorry figure as he fled ignominiously in front of the other two girls. Li Fei Fei used her chopsticks to eat her food listlessly before exclaiming, “Ai! I didn&

The next day. Today, I’m going to make charcoal and look after the abandoned mine. Until now I’ve been relying on my charcoal reserves, but I’ve almost it up already. If I don’t make some more before I really run out, the deodorant slimes won’t have anything to eat. A

The next day. “Boss, there’s a customer for you.” [Carm] “A customer?” [Ryouma] When I dropped by the store, I was immediately informed that a customer was waiting for me. “Miya-sama has something to talk about regarding your experiment.” [Carm] In that

It has already been a month since I got back from Renauph. When I opened my eyes and went out the front door, the refreshing blue morning sky came to view. The morning is still cool, but lately, the afternoon has been hot. I’m sure the temperature will rise today too. Adventurers that can use

AST 2066 - Shen Huang’s uncertainty “Qing Shui!” Looking at Qing Shui’s face, Shen Huang was a bit speechless. She had no choice but to call out to him. Actually, Qing Shui wasn’t really that obsessed with her. If she had been his enemy, he wouldn’t be so distra

AST 2067 - Has She Finally Released Herself? Pamper She only had a few more days to live. Back then, her life was saved by this man, and until now, he was the person keeping her alive. If, in the end, he really ended up using that kind of method to save her as a last resort, what should she do? Wh

Chapter 191: Guilt “Of course not,” the guard said. “If we don’t add any, the prince is going to punish us when he notices. I’m just saying we don’t have to put this much salt into the water.” The other guard took a moment to think and ultimately came to t

Chapter 192: Laying low in Eastern Wu “I’m here to see you suffer, of course,” Wei Lanying said with a malicious smile. Her words were as vicious as her expression. “Oh, even those who think they are superior can fall from their grace so suddenly. How does it feel to lose ev

Xie Jianwei’s body recovered exceptionally quickly.  Clearly, he had been hit by a car, and clearly, he had been comatose for three days and nights, and clearly, even if he lived, he might have been paralysed from then on; but Xie Jianwei actually made a breakthrough through medical mira

The little assistant, with his heart fully dedicated to President Xie, was cruelly and emotionlessly dismissed just like that.  Xie Jianwei, in order to prevent him from saying too much, resourcefully reminded the bodyguards: “Block up his mouth, don’t let the racket disrupt the ne

Chapter 12: “No,” Xie Jianwei shook his head, saying: “Xu Li isn’t Lu Li.” • • • The passage of events was like so. Xie Jianwei and Lu Li held hands as they gazed at the stars and gazed at the moon, as sweet as could be. But very suddenly, in that ins

He drove the car and went on his way. The camouflage system on the Tang Sect fighter vehicle was activated. The surface of the vehicle was covered by a layer of dark blue paint. Under low light, it appeared black. It showed a deep sapphire-lik

Warm Flames   Shimon Mari, the Principal of Akane Academy, boarded the Shinkansen bounded for Tokyo early in the morning. (Isn’t this first class’ footrest rather uncomfortable?) She can’t wait to arrive there while having that and other constrained thoughts. It is immens

Once the training was over, it was time for a somewhat late lunch. Awaiting the hungry members at the holiday house were preparations for a barbeque. There were several set up around the wide garden, with charcoal already burning within them, with heaps of meat, fish, and vegetables laid out. &ldqu

The figure of the Abbey Dean vanished into the storm and snow. Shaking slightly, Eldest Brother seemed to be falling and to want to get going at the same time. More and more blood oozed from h

Chapter 223 – Clench one’s teeth must persevere Liu Fu brought Xiao Xu’s group of people to the vicinity of the rock garden. Afterwards, she pointed at the place they were hiding in and somewhat fearfully looked at the stunningly beautiful man in front of her to say. “Origin

Chapter 222 – The backbone faced with helplessness and despair Not long after a subordinate came to report, they found two unconscious females in a rock garden. Xiao Xu ordered them to bring the people up. The confused Liu Fu and the servant were brought up. “What are you guys doing,

The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 131 – Out Sprang An Older Brother (冒出来的哥哥) Jing Yunzhao could also sense Old Grandpa Tang’s doubt, but with her young age, it was simply impossible to just rely on a few pleasant words to dispel his doubt. She thought about it

The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 132 – Getting Intimate (靠近乎) Li Shaoyun had originally wanted her to call him Uncle, there was a certain dignity behind being a generation older after all. Yet he also understood Jing Yunzhao’s character. So as to avoid making

The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 133 – An Old Cow Eating Young Grass / A May-December Relationship / Pedophile (老牛吃嫩草) Li Shaoyun coughed dryly a few times once he was done. His pair of peach blossom eyes stared at Jing Yunzhao as if he was proving to Jing Yunzhao t

「30」 I left the hospital at the end of summer vacation. It was great that there were no further issues. As that thought crossed my mind, I noticed something. When did I become a trouble consultant!? Well, it wasn’t like I caused trouble… it’s just that people kept bringing th