Zhao Youyue was in a foul mood. Nothing had gone to plan. She now realized how vast the world truly was, and there was no end to the eccentricity of creators. They were capable of doing things that often exceeded the expectations of ordinary p

Ugh… In order to get the best result, Zhao Yu turned on his cellphone and showed the photos of Qiu Xinyang and Sun Yihan to Daheng. This action made other detectives quite speechless—who on th

Chapter 74 Here's something good for you Ling Yun brought his sandalwood box and iPhone 5 back to his room, before piercing the nine golden needles and all the silver needles on to his leather sling bag. To him, products of high quality are supposed

V4C159 – Three Minutes   “The only reason I want you to find someone is due to your prestige in the hotels. It’s a very simple thing for you to do, so why not? You find someone, I pay you money!” I said. “How much can you pay?” Curry stopped laughing and l

V4C152 – Bribing   “Hello. Can I ask you to please help me look up in what patients name this receipt was registered?” I prepared to hand over the receipt to the person at the counter. “No, I can’t do that!” The staff person at the counter didn’t eve

V4C153 – It’s Nothing   “I am not from any organization or agency, I just want to know the information personally,” I said while shaking my head. “That is impossible! The medical records are a secret so I cannot help you with anything!” Zhou Zhiping shook

V4C154 – Several Months Of Life   “What you said is also true!” I nodded and thought about it deeply. In my previous life, I had never taken the initiative to got to the hospital for my heart’s inspection! In the end, I died of a heart attack at Zhao YanYan’s wed

V4C155 – Arriving In Venice   “Then what are we going to do! We can’t just sit back helplessly and do nothing, letting her leave us like this!” Liu Yue said somewhat anxiously, “You must do something and quickly find a solution!” “Hehe, don’t w

V4C156 – Mark’s Wonderful Help   After all, this wasn’t China, nor was this place inside the scope of my hidden forces. I can’t just send out official authorities to find someone! Perhaps I could put pressure on the local government using Shuguang and East Asia Motion&

V4C157 – That’s Her   “Yes. It’s like this, I hired a driver in the local area and I am going to give him a photo so he can help me pay attention and see if he can get any information!” I explained. “It turns out to be this. It is a good idea. Wait, I will

V4C158 – Gentlemen, We Need To Talk!   Since Yang Mei was traveling, it was very hard to pinpoint her whereabouts. I guessed that it will take quite some effort to do that! As it stood, the difficulty also increased since she didn’t have a fixed place of residence! Place of resid

V4C144 – Seeing YingYing Again (Unedited)   Since I had personally acknowledged Shui Ling’er’s status, it didn’t matter to them whose daughter Shui Ling’er used to be, what was important was that she was now the woman of a God! The status was now obviously differ

V4C145 – My Secret (Unedited)   “Obviously not! I already have a lot of things to worry about, where would I have the time to be jealous! Tell me again, will I have the time to be jealous?” Though Wu YingYing said this, her expression showed that she was jealous and. Her app

V4C146 – Advanced Popularization Plan (Unedited)   However, before Wu YingYing finished her words, the intelligent warning system of the island alerted all the security to arrive before us and point the pitch-black muzzle at us. “These people are……” Wu YingYin

V4C147 – Yang Mei’s News   {TL: YangMei } “Transmission matrix?” When I arrived at the part about the transmission matrix, Sun Sikong was surprised and said, “Then, it’s possible that the one who constructed that stone gate and that transmission matri

V4C148 – A Letter   “You can’t suspect me, right. Haven’t I been in B City all this time, how could I have done anything to her over these days?” I said with a bitter smile. “I am not suspecting you! However, when Yang Mei left she asked me to give this le

V4C149 – Something’s Wrong   “Liu Yue, it’s not the time to scold me right now. Do you not think that there is something wrong with Yang Mei’s letter?” I was staring at the letter, trying to understand the meaning behind the words. As soon as my words left

V4C150 – What Is Yang Mei Hiding?   Lu Haotao described the situation in detail, “Chief Liu, I rushed over to your girlfriend’s home right after hanging up the call! I am here right now and even after knocking the door for half a day, nobody opened from the inside. Moreover

V4C151 – Registration Receipt   Looking around, I found how good the room was. It was at the best spot for natural lighting. It was heated in the winter and the windows could be opened in the summer. It was apparent that Meng QingQing and Liu Yue had been taking care of Yang Mei, even s

V4C143 – How Dare I Wish For Such A Relationship…… (Unedited)   “Yes, since you helped her cover her chest, it means you declared her to be your private property and others must not look at her!” The middle-aged woman said. So that’s how it was! My God,

Book 2, Chapter 84 - Defying Extermination Oddball disappeared into the mist. Blight-tooth warriors paid no attention to the tiny thing, the bird was not important.  But they did not know how keen the bird’s eyes were. Oddball’s vision pierced the fog, sharing what it learned with

Book 2, Chapter 85 - The Three Giants of Hell Valley Gorefang held the shaft of the spear with both hands, eyes wide as saucers. He still could not believe what had occurred. A single human managed to slip past a thousand soldiers and attack him single-handedly. How had this happened? Even disrega

Even though Xiaoyuzi’s plan was good, a decision could not be made easily. If she wasn’t Liu Zhongtian’s concubine, wouldn’t he have offended the Third Duke? After all Liu Zhongtian still had a certain amount of power in his hands, his force in the imperial court couldn&rsquo

Qiqi felt somewhat wronged, speaking in a low voice, “In the palace! This afternoon…”     At this moment, Qiqi didn’t quite understand. She only made a trip to the palace, how could all the things that happened be blamed on her? She was not Liu Zhongtian&rsqu

Chapter 1968 – Entering the Immortal Palace Once More … … … The time enchantment had already disappeared. Lin Ming looked at the 33 Asura Heavenly Dao runes that floated in the air. The inherent true meaning of the runes was something Lin Ming had yet to completely und

Chapter 1969 – World Seed … … … This separate space was something Lin Ming was already familiar with. It was filled with a faint mist. The mist wasn’t ordinary; it consisted of the three great source energies of the universe – grandmist energy, genesis ene

Chapter 234 – I Want To Become Famous Luo Tian had always thought of himself as an imaginative youth. Sometimes. Sometimes it would be a dud. And sometimes he would come up with some unconventional thought that would quickly propel him to into the godhood of awesomeness! He was able to cr

Chapter 235 – Causing A Big Uproar After being in the Ghostly Mountain Range for several months, Luo Tian trained to the point of almost going insane. A training regimen that had neither day nor night! As long as it was a skill he had, he would train it nonstop. Since what he had was plent

After the three geniuses appeared, they frowned almost immediately because the condition below was so terrible. The whole mountain range was ravaged. “Brother Xiong, the Qilin must have come here. The situation here must be caused by him.” The girl said.  Her tone was at ease and

As one could see, after Big Yellow gulped three bowls of the Fire Qilin’s blood, his recovery was so fast it seemed visible, so much faster than the time he used Immortal Meta Stones. The difference between these two scenarios was absolutely great. In just a few minutes, all of Big Yellow&rsq

Yingtan, afternoon. Far fewer tourists were roaming the streets today now that the contest was over. Most of them were on their way back home—of course, some needed an extra night of rest here

AST 1885 - Combining the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, Wounding And immediately scattered that white knight! Qing Shui’s Nine Yang Dragon Soul was able to deal much more damage to Spirit attacks. The woman was definitely stronger than Qing Shui, especially on the attack strength. Otherwise she woul

AST 1886 - You don’t have sincerity, Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace The woman seemed to be surprised by Qing Shui’s care for her, but at the same time, it wasn’t too strange. She shook her head, “I’m not going to push this, I lost.” Since she lost, the previous

Episode 43. Trade and Alliance (2) Kang Chul In had no intention of meeting Lee Chae Rin for free. If she wanted to meet him this bad then, there must be a reason or she wanted to depend on him so badly. If Lee Chae Rin was a commoner, it wasn’t a problem, but she was a lord which made him

Episode 42. Trade and Alliance (1) # Kang Chul In reported back to Earth through the warp gate as soon as he recovered. “Please be swift. I, Lucia, will wait for my lord.” Lucia saw him out. Laputa’s most trusted advisers were too busy executing Kang Chul In’s “Spe

Chapter 40. Triumphant Sovereign Kang Chul-In   “Waawwww…..!!!”   “Kang Chul-In, Your Majesty, hooray! Hurray!”   “Your Majesty has defeated the evil monsters!”   “Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!”   The people of Laput

Chapter 41. Teaching Down   “… what could happen to that fellow.”   Kang Chul-In answered with a grim voice as he is fatigued.   “He is recovering from the trauma, but due to the exhaustion of losing extreme mana, it seems that the flow of mana has mixed

Are You Sneaking Out?   Translated by newbienoona Edited and proofread by anks “Hey, An Chuxia!” With hands in his pocket and a smile on his face, Han Qilu’s happy disposition changes to livid as he walks to the edge of the bed. “Are you deaf? I’ve been calli

Your Husband Won’t Abandon You Translated by newbienoona Edited and proofread by anks T/N: Stiff-arm- keep a person at an arm’s length/distance (Chuxia looks at her with this expression =_=) “Yes, Mommy, I will remember to take good care of my skin.” An Chuxia takes th

Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen: More Troubles Ensues Having said that, even Xiao Yu could get angry. The human being was just like a spring – if it was compressed for too long, it would eventually bounce back. Even if Xiao Yu was more flexible, he also had limits. When his spring reached