Chapter 347: South Yuguria Empire ④ Wilhelmina Translator: Nat –Aegir POV– 「Dangerous. Dangerous.」 「I’ll carry you so don’t move around. The injury won’t heal.」 It’s time for us to finally depart from Orfull and head to Alteria. There is a regular carriage s

A Bit of Insight I might be a fool. After Xie Lingya looked at him as if he was mentally handicapped, He Zun recalled what he’d just said. Pooh, was he brain-dead? The sweeper monk? Monk, in a Taoist temple? Would a normal person say something this stupid? Xie Lingya understood He Zu

God-Given Task The drought in Chaoyang City and the rest of the region was becoming more and more severe. It was hard to endure even for city dwellers, not to mention the people living in rural areas. For a time, all kinds of rumors and suppositions circulated, but fortunately, the rising price of

Translated by: Minx Calypso Edited by: cdewsx77 Chapter 18: Your Future is in Your Own Hands “Butler Wang!” The group of people were shocked and rushed over to help him up. Butler Wang was furious and shouted: “All of you, attack!” Upon hearing his words, the

Translated by: Minx Calypso Edited by: cdewsx77 Chapter 19: A Street Conflict After staying one night in the inn, they continued their journey to An Nan city early the next morning with a new member in their group, Bai Ziyue. Since they only had three horses, Bai Ziyue and Mu Kuang rod

H.P.S.T Chapter 425: Allegiance or Death As the whispers of the evil spirit increased, the whole hall began to shake slightly. The closer it got to the real world, the more obvious the signs were. Magic in the area became restless, the earth and dust were shaken down through the cracks in the wal

H.P.S.T Chapter 426: Mutation Too bad!!! Voldemort was activating the curse on Evan, and in a few seconds he would die. With his blood flow, the black snake pattern went straight up his arm. On top of the piercing pain, Evan felt that his strength, magic and vitality were rapidly dissipating and

H.P.S.T Chapter 427: The Dream of the Evil God Evan thought many times that he felt bad, but that word gained a whole new dimension when he got sandwiched between the two most evil dark monsters! He wanted to do something, even issue a mere spell. But his arm was too heavy to lift. He felt his m

H.P.S.T Chapter 420: The Death of Sirius Hundreds of wizards were fighting in the narrow tunnel of the Centaurs ruins. The curses and shouts were endless, and the space was filled with red, blue, and green curses. Unlike the playful duels between the young wizards, these were real battles to the

H.P.S.T Chapter 421: The Blood Pool “I’m coming back soon, and then, the never-ending nightmare will begin!” The chilling voice of the evil spirit echoed in the Temple. “Tremble, young human wizard! Be ready to give in to death!” “SHUT UP!” Evan shouted.

H.P.S.T Chapter 422: The Vampires Show Up Under the faint light of his wand, Evan saw the corpse of a man. His face had been swollen and deformed, and his mouth was wide open. The tongue, which had deteriorated and rotted into dark brown, came out, long; and his skin was pale and cold. Almost in

H.P.S.T Chapter 423: Distrustful Allies “Young human wizard, in the face of existence beyond your imagination, submission is the only correct choice, which will bring you unimaginable benefits!” “Have you ever tasted death? Death is not the end of fear. Time is endless, and death

H.P.S.T Chapter 424: Voldemort Voldemort also wanted to get the Philosopher’s Stone. Evan felt that he had heard more bad news today than he had heard for a whole year. Things had gone far beyond control. “In the deepest part of the Temple, the ancient Centaurs left a powerful magic.&r

H.P.S.T Chapter 415: Centaurs Ruins and the Destroyers Evan was in cold sweat, and felt his blood freezing in his veins! His heart was beating so violently. The Banshee heralded death, and its sudden appearance under his window meant that he… He was distraught and took out his wand. Withou

H.P.S.T Chapter 416: Voldemort and the Vampire Caresius As Evan and Sirius entered the ruins of the Centaurs, a shimmering orange light flickered in the darkness in a hidden stone chamber in the deepest part of the temple. “Last night, my people met Sirius Black in that bar, and there was a

H.P.S.T Chapter 417: The Vampires’ Conspiracy “Your most loyal servant?!” Caresius said disdainfully. “As reward for his loyalty, he can only get death.” “If that’s the case, it would be his honor to die for the Dark Lord, an honor that many of my follower

H.P.S.T Chapter 418: Terrible Speculation On top of magic, the evil spirits coming to this world needed a lot of flesh and blood to build their new bodies. In the illusion made by Gryffindor 800 years ago, Evan once saw the fallen Centaurs prepare an astonishing number of flesh and blood sacrifice

H.P.S.T Chapter 419: A Chaotic Battle To avoid trouble, Evan and Sirius decided to use their Animagus forms. In the form of animals, they tried to stay away from the mad adventurers, follow the path they had in memory, from the remote passageway to the depths of the Temple. This idea proved very

Chapter 45: Steve (2) At the training base. The military personnel set up a speech-like stage in the square-centre. In the middle of the stage was Steve Rogers speaking to audience as a Captain of the United States. Much to his dismay, there was political factors involved. The chief of the base i

Chapter 46: Super Soldier Capabilities Kyle became the sudden focus in the training base upon his arrival. His position as the youngest ‘Second Lieutenant’ and ‘American Hero’ was enough for many of the personnel to engage in such a hot topic amongst one another. His presenc

Chapter 47: Relying Poorly On… The Super Soldier skill was a must. No matter how long he’d have to wait, Kyle will wait.  Besides, this limit placed on him was only available with Rare Blue Cards. Extracting such a card no matter the wait was worth his time. And at this current ti

Chapter 44: Steve (1) The next morning. In the early sunrise after breakfast in the hospital, Kyle changed into a brand new set of uniform designed for officers that Joseph Kingsley had delivered to the ward as well as a badge hinting the rank of a second lieutenant. Lucy paid great attention to

Supply Difficulties   The 6th month was quite leisurely for Claude. 1st Ranger Tribe was stationed at that piece of forgotten land and they didn't discover the slightest trace of the enemy. Even the mounted scouts they sent into the great plains for three days and nights weren't able

Fall of Rimodra   As much as Claude wanted to slack off until the end of the war, that didn't mean he didn't have a sense of danger. While the nobles had given up on their fiefs in Canas on their own accord, given how relatively rural a place it was among the great plains, that didn&#

TWQQF ch 166 - Shameless Family; Taking a Trip Alone (19) “Thank you, Mistress,” replied Zhu Qing emotionally, the way he looked at her was even more gentle than before.   After saying that to Zhu Qing, Cheng Xiao Xiao then turned and looked at Lu’er and said, “Lu Zhu

TWQQF ch 167 - Shameless Family; Taking a Trip Alone (20) [BONUS PART]   Lu Zhu was so happy she was on the brink of tears. She spinned around and her green outfit fluttered in the air. Her face was red from excitement. She looked like a fairy in the woods, her happiness was infectious to tho

AST 2432 - Blood Poria, Blood Thread Snake, An Outstanding Character Blood Poria, Blood Thread Snake. The Blood Thread Snake was dangerous but Qing Shui wasn’t too worried. Qing Shui had something which could suppress something like that. Dragon-Capturing Hands! Dragon-Capturing Hands wasn

AST 2433 - Formidable Ling Chen, Leader of the Troop “You know me.” Ling Chen wasn’t surprised and had instead responded calmly. As though it wasn’t strange for Qing Shui to know him, he said. Still, that wasn’t untrue. Ling Chen was well-known. He was the cream of th

Translator: Sweet Bun Proofreader: Mcsy “Well… But…” The shopkeeper looked at Song Weiyi and turned to Xia Xingchen. Xia Xingkong curbed her anger and said, “Weiyi, I think you’d better not take the love of others. My sister is going to buy this shirt for he

  Translator: Sweet Bun Proofreader: Mcsy Listening to the music, scenes that happened a few years ago flashed before his eyes, and he couldn’t help stare at her affectionately… (Teaser: Warning!!! Be careful when driving!!!) “Beep beep beep!!!” Suddenly, a car hon

Arthur’s eyes followed Amelia’s back. After she was out of sight, gone were all the expressions from his face—he stared sharply at the depths of the overgrown trees. “To call this ‘eavesdropping’ isn’t really accurate, it is not? After all, all you did is s

During the time William was with Carla on the boat, Amelia was alone with Arthur in the woods. “—…well, well! Then, what happened next?” “After that, William chased the ball and fell straight into the river!” “Whoa!” “Fortunately, the water

Some distance away from the shore, on a floating boat— “Look, William-sama! The fish are swimming!” Carla leaned and innocently pointed at the water. William stared at her with a troubled face. Today was indeed strange. After leaving William’s mansion, Carla kept talking t

Chapter 229: Progress at the Market         Yan Mo didn't think much about where to go with Yuan Zhan.   From the beginning when they knew each other and that development to the present, and he was both surprised and amazed.   If he had no c

Chapter 230: Honey, don't forget The Guide is the special bully ~ ~ ~          Yan Mo did not know the opposite tribe depth, it is not good to ask if the other party is willing to exchange yuan-crystal, and he intends to look at the collection for more

hapter 231: Progress at the Market 2         "Three meters of cloth, exchange it, or do not exchange it that all we can exchange." Yuan Zhan showed an impatient look.   Tu Hou helped him in a timely manner. "If you don't want t

Chapter 232: Natural Porcelain?!         There are many people at the entrance of Jiu Yuan stone house shop. Da He was the busiest, but fortunately, the six slaves are still there to help they did not stay in the corner, all were running to help, but they c

Chapter 233: Progress at the Market 3     Outside Yuan Zhan caught up with Yan Mo and whispered something in his ear.   "You said that the man is very strong?" Yan Mo turned his head and blinked slightly.   "One of them is probably not weaker

Chapter 234: Ding Yue Tribe         "What is  dimple?" Yuan Zhan has not responded.   "It's the hole on Tu Hou's face I saw someone who used his fingers to poke it twice. Is that nest really cute?"   &l

Chapter 235: I still think you are more pleasing to me        The sky was getting dark, just barely showing up. After the sun disappeared in the clouds, the dark clouds rolled in from the east.   “Hey!” Jiu Feng raised his head and gave a